Drew's Wish List
Updated 2009.11.30
This list may seem cocky, but is just a courtesy to make life a bit easier for folks who are trying to figure out what things I may want. Mosty because I have a difficult time choosing gifts for others. (OK, It's cocky too. I'm like that.)
Electronics Bits
Flexiforce pressure sensors.
USB/Serial/Reclaimed from busted machinery Magnetic Card Reader/Writer.
Any reversible/regenerative fuel cell(s) for play/learning.
LED tape/strips. Flexible and RGB bonus. Like these.
A blue laser pointer - bonus if it melts stone at ten feet.
Nifty LED lights/gadgets
Any little glowy things
Berocca effervescent tablets, original flavor.
PG Tips Tea Monkey
Bemrose Estate Manuka Gold or Ginger Honey
Short sleeve cotton ruggers in fabulous autumn colors
Reliable torche cigar lighters.
Used commercial popper "rescued" from a theater. Any condition.
Raw Materials
Sheet metal. Any metal. Would love 12-20 gauge stainless steel, aluminum, nickel silver, brass or copper.
Solenoid valves for medium or high pressure gas. Normally Closed. Oil/hydrocarbon friendly. ≥½" ≤24V DC.
Fire proof fabric like the material used for the ceiling of Holding Flame
Shocked Octopus print by Paper Cuts Studio
Lucha Bears by Nerfect
Space Cyclopses by Nerfect
Mini Bacon Love by MiVida Creations or
Skelepig by MiVida Creations
Broccoli Eats Venison by Kill Taupe
Space Invader print by Bill O'Neil
Anything by Nemo Gould
Dream Shop Equipment
Hossfeld Bender (non-pnumatic/hydraulic)
Standing/Leg/Post vise
Refractory materials to build a portable forge
some sort of vessel to build a portable forge in
Plasma Cutter
Oxy-hydrogen "water" welding rig with dual stage regulators
Flame cabinet
Horizontal band saw with swivel head (to cut at an angle)
Drill press
Wrestling mats, roll up/fold up home mats