excerpt from Lynn Abbey's The Simbul's Gift

I am the edge, Alassra Shentrantra.
When the hunter facing the charging beast has to decide whether to throw his spear, whether to dodge, and the moment to do either, I am that moment. I was.
When the hunted comes to two paths and, knowing neither, must still choose between them, I am that moment of choice.
I am the edge of a cliff, the bending branch, the moment when you must jump.
When you decide, without knowing why, without knowing anything at all, at that moment I am with you....
"I think I understand the problem....There's always more," Alassra complained. "More than can be told. More that can't be revealed"
"More that is not known!" The Simbul roared.... "Knowlegde comes after the moment!...
The hunter practices with his spear, the hunted learns every path in the forest but they survive because when they come to the edge,they give themselves to the edge and the edge guides them.
You could have your heart's desire, Alassra.
You could have it any day or any night, but you will never find it if you turn back from the edge."
I'll think about it, reflects Alassra.
I'll think about it, and I'll remember.
That is all that I ask, Alassra.
Remember the Simbul.
Remember what has been forgotten.