by Drew

Shhh, She says from the waking darkness. Not so soon, give yourself time. I see Her face more clearly as She moves to kiss my forehead. She smells of Talc and Musk; dinner on Her breath-Hearty and Full. Her skin is soft next to mine. Oil and Salt. Dark like rich soil; Smooth like New. Her broad smile swallows Her features. She sees me seeing Her; it brings Her joy. Her smile cracks into a full grin at my awareness. Her dark eyes sparkle with kindling mirth. Her wide nostrils flare for a moment with a powerful intake of air. Its release is a loud and vivid peal of spring. Full and Dynamic; Powerful but Crafty. It is my world. It is what gives me hope and urges me to grow. It is renewal shared between Mother and child, more surely than if suckled from Her very breast. This is how she sustains me. This is Her gift that I may grow.