by Drew

I'm frustrated. I know there is so much beyond and above me. I want to be it now. I want Him to be proud. He sees my despair and comes to me. His bearing proud, but not aloof. Smooth and practiced as river stones. Features careworn but not unkind. He lifts me with His soft huge hands to the warm secure haven between beard and breast. His soft fur tickling my nose and lips. I inhale deeply. Me, but so much more--some deep and ancient potion mixed of sweat and cum and tears. It muddles and slows my thoughts. My heart tunes to his slow, steady, rhythm,...calmed, He lays me on his lap. He pulls away my wrappings part by part until I am naked in His sight. Then sensual touches of Father and Lover remind me that I am not. I am everything He meant me to be; everything He desires. I must cast away what is on my shoulders and never seek more covers to conceal. His acknowledgment is silent. He spoons around me and is me. I sleep.